Arthur Moore - Season of Change

by LynnAnn Hyde

In 1992, I walked into Kelly’s Olympian and witnessed some of the most beautiful harp playing ever produced. A sandy haired, spectacled “Ward Cleaver” looking guy was playing harmonica in an acoustic three piece, and I, along with everyone else in the room, was mesmerized by his playing. I had just been given my first taste of Arthur Moore and it was delicious.

Arthur “Fresh Air” Moore: A Blast from the Past, and it’s still Fresh Air by Greg Johnson

While reading through the latest issue of the Cascade Blues Association’s BluesNotes newsletter, I happened upon a name that took me back to some very cherished memories: Arthur “Fresh Air” Moore. min

My harmonica playing mentors, David Flack and Paul deLay, had both mentioned Arthur to me and I was eager to hear him play. Arthur was playing songs like "Just Your Fool", "Georgia". "The Work Song" and other Chicago Blues classics. He was the first guy I ever heard play popular music on diatonic harmonica and played "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" as a signature piece. I was hoping to be able to study from him.  read more

Arthur “Fresh Air Moore  with the late Paul deLay at Wanker’s Corner

In my mind he was one of the finest blues harmonica players ever to grace the stages in Portland. Sadly, Arthur Moore retired quite a few years back following surgery. But, reading through his entry in the BandStand section of the paper I learned that he was releasing two recordings on CD titled Blues Harp Legacy #1 and Blues Harp Legacy #2, available at Music Millennium and read more

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